Hi my loves! Thanks for taking the time to read my new post. As you may know, I’ve been using the Nivea aftershave as a make up primer for quite a while now. However, someone sent me an article explaining why I shouldn’t use it. After reading it, I decided to do more research about it and searched for a natural primer that I could use instead. Luckily, I have an aloe vera plant at home so I thought why not?


For those who don’t have oily skin or for anyone who likes feeding their skin healthy organic stuff, aloe vera gel could be a great substitute for primer. Here’s why:

  • Aloe vera acts as a moisturizer so it helps keep your skin hydrated and helps smooth out fine wrinkles.
  • There are two hormones – Auxin and Gibberellin – in aloe vera that help with new skin cell growth and wound healing. This means aloe vera helps skin heal faster with much less scarring.
  • It is anti-bacterial.
  • Aloe vera helps reduce skin inflammation which makes it very suitable as an aftershave for men also. It can also soothe your skin after getting waxed.
  • Aloe vera contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients. Skin food? HELLO!!


I’ve used the gel before three make up applications till now and my make up seems to go on just as perfect as it did with any other primer. However, I have combination skin so it did not stop the oil on my nose from peeking through halfway through my day 😦

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Hey guys! Iconic sent me a package exactly one day before new year’s eve and everything in it was AMAZING. Here’s what they put in the package for me:



The package contained their GORGEOUS EVO brushes, 3 Stick Foundations (in shades ICON #3, #2,#2.2), a contour palette and their AMAZING liquid illuminator.

Thank you so much Iconic London!

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Hey guys! Sorry for the long break. I wish you all a very happy new year <3.

This make up look was all about the glow! Iconic sent me a package and I am obsessed with their liquid illuminator!

Here’s a few pictures from the make up:




Product Breakdown:

  • Foundation: Iconic Foundation Stick #3
  • Eyebrows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Granite
  • Eyeliner: Inglot Gel Liner #77
  • Lips: Provoc lip liner #47 & Tartiest Lip Paint in Namaste
  • Contour and highlight: Iconic cream contour palette
  • Concealer: Maybelline instant age rewind in Natural
  • Highlight: Iconic liquid illuminator
  • Bronzer: The balm Bahama Mama
  • Mascara: Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes
  • Falsies: Pinky Goat “Hessa”
  • Blush: The Balm How ‘Bout Them Apples? “Crisp”


  • Eyes: Tartelette Matte Amazonian Clay palette (Dreamer for crease and inner corner and outer corner of lid, Fashionista outer corner of lid) & Tartelette Tease (Crush for center of lid and center of lower lash line, Heartbreaker for inner and outer corner of lower lash line)




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Hello beautiful people! Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates. This is one of the first looks I created for the holidays and I absolutely love how it turned out. You can watch the video on my instagram.




Here’s the product breakdown:



The Balm Meet Matte Trimony palette

  • Matt Lopez on the crease for transition
  • Matt Kumar on the outer crease and lower lash line
  • Matt Reed on the outer corner of the lid and lower lash line
  • Matte Ahmed on the outer corner

Silver glitter on the inner corner and center of the lid


Inglot Gel Liner #77

Eyelashes bought online (came with no name, sorry)

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara


Benefit Brow Zings #6


Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation in Sun Beige (FAVORITE!)

Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation in Tan honey (only on the cheeks since it’s high coverage)

LA Girl Pro Conceal in Natural for concealer, Beautiful Bronze for Contour, Orange and Green corrector

Make up forever foundation palette. Used a shade close to my foundation for concealer before applying the LA Girl concealer

Coty Airspun Extra Coverage Translucent Powder 

The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer

Tarte Gator Wings Highlighter from the Swamp Queen Palette 


This is a pencil that I bought from Iran so that’s also not worthy of sharing as it will not be available in any normal make up stores.

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DIY: MY GO-TO LIP SCRUB FOR DRY WINTER LIPS! (4 Kitchen Ingredients = Hydrated & PLUMP Lips)


Hello beautiful people! I hope you are all great. It’s currently 11:40 pm  as I am writing this post and I have to wake up at 5 am *sigh*. However, I had to exfoliate my lips because of how dry they are due to the change of seasons and I just clicked a few pictures during the process. The weather doesn’t really get cold here in the UAE however my lips always decide to go crazy during this time of the year. Anyways, the ingredients of this scrub are definitely things that you have in your kitchen so I do recommend giving it a try if you haven’t already.



  •  1 Teaspoon sugar  (helps exfoliate dead skin)
  • 1/2 Teaspoon cinnamon powder   (makes your lips plump)
  • 1 Teaspoon organic olive oil  (softens dry skin)
  • Vegetable ghee (optional) or lipbalm  (deeply moisturizes skin)


The next time I make this lip scrub, I will definitely swap the olive oil with Vegetable Ghee. Used it for the first time today. LOVED IT!

Anyways, mix all the ingredients together and you’ll be left with something that looks like the picture below.


Gently exfoliate your lips for about 2 minutes. Make sure you don’t apply pressure to avoid any bleeding.

dry lips (2).png



AFTER, without Vegetable Ghee

My friend told me to apply vegetable ghee after she saw my dry lips today and I can already say it’s amazing advice! I’ll do an entire post about the benefits of vegetable ghee soon.


AFTER, with Vegetable Ghee

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Tarte’s Graveyard Girl Swamp Queen palette REVIEW + SWATCHES!


Hey guys! Sorry for the very long silence on the blog. I’ve been super busy with exams and assignments but I’ll hopefully be able to post more often now that I have more free time.

Anyways Tarte was kind enough to send me another package (Woot Woot!). This time they sent me Bunny’s Swamp Queen palette.


(, 220 AED)


Swatches without flash:

From left to right ( Gator Wings, Does this thing really work?, Sweet Tea, Mancat, Uncommon, Haunting, Sippy Sippy, Sassy Bun, Big Baby, Dogman, Natural Peaches, #SFS)


Swatches with flash:


(P.S. My camera did not pick up the glitter in Sippy Sippy in any of the swatch pictures. )


  • Includes a highlighter. blush and bronzer.
  • Contains shimmers and mattes.
  • Very pigmented.
  • Has a few transition colors.
  • Smells like chocolate when you open it :))


  • There is some fallout with the darker colors especially Sippy Sippy which happpens to be my favorite 😦

You can order this palette online from for 220 AED (click on the first picture of the palette to be directed to the exact page). However, it is a limited edition so stocks might not last for long.

Happy Weekend ❤

Japanese Charcoal Peel Off Mask | Yay or Nay?


Hey guys! so I know this isn’t really a DIY mask but I’d been dying to try this mask. It was out of stock the last time I went to buy it but thankfully, they had a lot of stock this time. Now I don’t know if people living outside the UAE have this store but it’s a Japanese store called Daiso. They have some cool stuff related to beauty so I’m going to post more of that later.


Daiso, 12 DHS

At first I was hesitant to try this product mainly because skincare is so important and you shouldn’t risk using just anything before doing some research about it. However, I had seen some bloggers write some pretty good things about it so I thought why not?charcoal.png

Anyways, I have a lot of blackheads on my nose and chin area so I think I will mainly focus on those areas the next time I apply the mask. This time I applied it to my entire face and it hurt like anything when I was peeling it off. It felt like I was waxing my cheeks!


HOWEVER, since it managed to remove an impressive amount of blackheads and all of my peach fuzz, my skin felt as soft as a baby’s bottom lol. The mask worked beyond my expectation and really worked great for something this cheap!

I rate this product 8/10

Definitely give it a try and share your experience with me! and don’t forget to watch my instagram videos.

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DIY MASK FOR GLOWING SKIN |ماسك بيتي لنضارة الوجه


Hey guys! So I recently decided to start posting in Arabic and Farsi. Hope you find it useful. Anyways my mask for this week helps clear out your skin and give it a glow. Again, you will only see results once you use these masks regularly so don’t expect miracles now!

You need:

  • 1 TBSP of crushed green tea leaves ( you can also empty a tea bag )
  • 1 TBSP of honey
  • A few drops of water (optional)
  • Toilet paper (optional)

First apply one layer of the mask. Then cover your face with tissue. Coat with a second layer of mask and cover with tissue again. Wait for the mask to dry and then peel off. You will still have some crushed green tea leaves on your face and this will act as an exfoliator when you’re washing your face.


Please refer to my Instagram video for more instruction on how to apply the mask. Like & comment!!

Benefits of these ingredients:


  • is antibacterial so it prevents and treats acne
  • slows down ageing as it contains antioxidants
  • is moisturizing and makes your skin glow
  • unclogs pores

Green Tea:

  • improves your complexion by cleaning out toxins
  • heals blemishes and scars
  • contains antioxidants so it fights signs of ageing
  • is antibacterial so it fights acne
  • reduces inflammation
  • reduces dark eye circles and puffiness

Hope you found this post useful!




Hey guys! so my second DIY has banana in it AGAIN lol. This mask is from the book I told you about in my previous post. Again, I have combination skin so this mask is really not for me but tell me what you think about it on IG.


You need:

  • A ripe banana
  • 4 Vitamin E gel capsules
  • Toilet paper

Mash up the banana and empty the vitamin E capsules by poking them with a needle and squeezing the oil out.Mix until the mixture is smooth.


Apply one layer of the mask on your face with a brush.


Next, take one layer of the toilet paper and and stick pieces of it all over your face. You can skip the tissue step altogether; however, I prefer doing it because my face will absorb more of the mask this way.


Then, apply another layer of the mask to make sure all the tissue is soaked with the mask.


After this step apply another layer of tissue and coat with another layer of the mask. Wait for it to dry completely. It should take 20+ minutes. While waiting, I also applied some of the vitamin E oil on my lips to make them softer.


After it is dry, start peeling from the edges going towards the center.


As I said, this mask is not suitable for my skin type. However, my skin felt really smooth and soft afterwards so I highly recommend trying it. Let me know what you think after you do 🙂

The benefits of each ingredient:


  • contain potassium which hydrates and moisturizes your skin leaving it smooth and soft.
  • contain Vitamin A which reduce the appearance of blemishes, dark spots and scars
  • contain Vitamin C which lightens skin tone and reduces wrinkles and signs of ageing
  • contain Vitamin E which increases the skin’s UV protection and also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and signs of ageing

Vitamin E:

  • supports new skin growth and fights wrinkles and signs of ageing
  • helps lighten dark spots
  • helps smooth out rough skin cells and leaves your skin moisturized and plump.


You can purchase vitamin E oil online (click on the picture below to be directed to the website) or from pharmacies in the form of gel capsules.


DIY: Banana Face Mask for Oily Skin


Hey guys! So my mom gave me a book that’s FULL of amazing face masks for all skin types. Therefore, I decided to try out a different one every week and tell you guys what I think. I will post a picture of the book in my next DIY post but I highly doubt it’ll be of any use to my non-Iranian followers as it’s written in Farsi.


  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 table spoon of honey
  • A few drops of fresh lemon juice

(These ingredients are a bit too much for one time use so I suggest adding in only half of each ingredient. HOWEVER, you can store the leftover mask in the freezer and thaw it the next time you want to use it)

mask 2.png

Mash the banana and then add the honey and lemon juice and mix. Apply to your face with a brush and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Thoroughly rinse with warm water afterwards.


DO NOT use this mask if you have any cuts or red sensitive areas on your face as the lemon will sting! (learned this the hard way because I had just tweezed my eyebrows before applying the mask)

Result: Such masks should be used regularly to see visible changes. I can’t know if it really controls oil as it’s my first time. However, my skin felt really soft and refreshed afterwards.

Why are these ingredients good for your skin? (  I did my research (:  )


  • contain potassium which hydrates and moisturizes your skin leaving it smooth and soft.
  • contain Vitamin A which reduce the appearance of blemishes, dark spots and scars
  • contain Vitamin C which lightens skin tone and reduces wrinkles and signs of ageing
  • contain Vitamin E which increases the skin’s UV protection and also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and signs of ageing


  • is antibacterial so it prevents and treats acne
  • slows down ageing as it contains antioxidants
  • is moisturizing and makes your skin glow
  • unclogs pores


  • is antibacterial so it prevents and treats acne
  • reduces the appearance of blemishes, dark spots and scars
  • gets rid of oily skin
  • removes blackheads


Hope you found this post useful!


TRIED & TESTED: Nivea After Shave as PRIMER???



Hey everyone! Hope you’re all doing great. I’ve been seeing many make up artists on Instagram RAVING about Nivea’s after shave balm. I don’t know why it took me so long to try it but I am SO GLAD that I finally did! This is a true gem for anyone who is on a budget and it works just as great as a normal make up primer. It goes on so smoothly and keeps your foundation looking flawless the entire day. However, I read that it’s also great for oily skin but it didn’t really stop the appearance of oil on my T-zone. So that’s the only con I can point out.

I did my make up around 12 PM and set everything with a translucent powder. Four hours later, my T-zone was completely shiny and I had to blot that area to fix it.  So it doesn’t hold really well on oily skin.

Overall, I was really impressed with how well it worked as a primer. My skin felt super smooth the entire day and my foundation stayed on pretty well. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is on a budget and I am sure it will work great on people with dry skin.

I rate it 7.5 out of 10.

You can purchase this product from:

-Boots, £5.35 (Click on my picture to be directed to their website)

-Drugstores/supermarkets in the UAE for around 20 AED